Loveless Fascination (neevita) wrote in knitwitseattle,
Loveless Fascination

Tell your friends about me!

TELL your FRIENDS that I'm doing this, send them over here, have them join the community, have them post what they think.

I'm interested in peoples opinions and resources. The best yarn stores in town so I can go check them out, where people like to stitch and bitch, let me know if your group or a few members would be down with talking to me for an hour or so about what they want in a new place. This business is for me but it's meant for you guys, I want to know what you want and what about a new place to be makes you excited. Shit, just let me know when and where you meet and I will show up to talk to you. I need to prove my assertations about why this place will work ASAP, I'd like to talk to anyone interested in knitting, they don't have to be in Seattle, they just have to understand that I will log our interview.

I am thinking of putting together an online chat to help get more people involved, what do you think?

If anyone would like to go out on a limb for me and post that community in their knitting communities, that would be AWESOME. The last thing I want to do is go and join a bunch of places I haven't contributed to in the past and start advertising my business. I HATE when people do that and I don't feel it's a good way to make a connection with people. Just send them to the journal I spose, and ask them to comment or email if they'd like to help. This place has such potential to be really amazing, the more help and justification for my idea I can get to show the bank the better.

email me if you want to be part of a focus group! courtnee gmail com
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