Loveless Fascination (neevita) wrote in knitwitseattle,
Loveless Fascination

Update on stuff.

Well, I have all the creative/fun stuff pretty much documented. Now, it's time to focus on the cash flow projection. Goodie.

I had a meeting with a business advisor today who told me I was on the right track and gave me props for my focus group questions (and having the inituative to put them together at all - he says he rarely sees' that kind of drive. Hm.). He agrees with another friend of mine that I need to come up with a tagline to explain the business that I can rattle off in 10 seconds, so that's what I'm going to work on tonight.

I expected to have a girl come by the house today to talk with me, so I rushed home and did the dishes my husband so kindly left for me. She was supposed to be here at 3, so around 3:20 I went to email her and realized she never confirmed the meeting anway. Feh. I think I am going to have to install outlook.

Back to the Business Plan. More later.
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