Loveless Fascination (neevita) wrote in knitwitseattle,
Loveless Fascination

Progress is slow lately.

I'm still working on my Cash Flow Projection portion of the business plan, I'm pretty sure that's going to be the most time consuming part about all this (aside from funding the place, that is) because of all the research involved in making it complete and truthful.

I checked out lease prices in the area I want and have done a few focus groups, figured out approximately how much yarn I want on the floor (but don't know about 'in stock') and been ignored by the tea company I want to support about wholesale, will probably just have to pay retail on it if I want to resell teavana so I'm considering other options as well.

I've been feeling pretty low the last few days and haven't made much progress on things. But, I'm still looking for people to participate in the focal part of this thing if you're interested.

Update soon, hopefully with something more exciting.
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