Loveless Fascination (neevita) wrote in knitwitseattle,
Loveless Fascination

I got a night job..

In lieu of needing to get out of debt before even being considered for a loan, and needing something a bit more structured for the time being, I got a night job doing really simple tech work for the next 6 months or so.

This means that any focus groups I do will have to be daytime, or weekends, and that there won't be too much to update about here for a while.

It also means, however, that the likelihood that this will actually happen has gone up a bit.

If you'd still like to help make this happen but don't want to meet with me, I have a finalized questionare that I can mail to you to be filled out and sent back to me. Please email courtnee gmail com if you'd like contribute in that manner.
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