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Knit Wit - My first adventure in Small Business
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This is the behind the scenes journal for the KnitWit cafe, my first adventure in small business. Here I am hoping to create a community to help mold the cafe into the best place it can be as well as share my experience starting from scratch and opening a small business.

The idea is a cafe centered around knitting. We will serve loseleaf teas, coffee, and baked goods/snacks. The atmosphere will be bright and airy, different forms of art will line the walls and be available for purchase. We will stock knitting needles, crochet hooks, supplies and books. The yarns I will carry are mostly handspun wools and acrylic accent yarns. Very much a specialty shop, I plan to spotlight my favorite fleece artists and purchase my factory wools from small independant farms and co-ops.

I have a lot of really neat ideas for this place and I feel it has the potential to be an awesome addition to the neighborhood. The stitch n' bitch revolution is undenyable and I'm happy to be a part of it and try to make it better.